About Us

Published by mckim on Friday, February 13, 2015

Our portrait_20140921.jpg story, as it always does, starts as what appeared to be two stories. Stuart was raised in Southern California, went to college at Oregon State, then moved to Idaho for work. He only traveled in the West. Taryn was raised on Long Island, New York. She only traveled in the East. We had never been to an overlapping state. Here’s where God began to merge the two stories into one. :-) We met in Uganda as missionaries: Taryn was a missionary associate helping run a preschool with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church’s Karamoja mission station when Stuart visited for a month. Daily phone calls, weekly Skype conversations, four quick stateside visits, and one wedding joined those stories. We currently reside in Southeast Idaho.

Stuart is an industrial engineer and manager. Taryn is a wonderful homemaker. We’re both Christian missionaries at heart and we both long to return to the foreign mission field for long-term service.

Join us as our various endeavors mingle.

Stuart and Taryn