Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Arrives

There were already the signs of spring here when I returned three weeks ago, but this week they really broke out in full. Or, in some cases, I finally saw them.

It was yesterday when I came home from work that I saw the first blossom on the plum trees. It turns out that this other tree, which receives more sunlight, had a head start. This morning, the blossoms were bursting forth in abundance.

And the non-tree flowers are in bloom, as well.

Even the raspberries joined in the show, putting their first leaves on.

And, finally, the chickens started laying while I was gone. By now, they’re up to full production again.
It’s funny - I’ve only had chickens for three years now, but they’ve become such a normal part of life. The sounds, the sights, the routine of watering and feeding them, and especially their eggs. It would be strange to not have chickens…