Sunday, 15 March 2015 | 16:20

No, not the calculus kind. The kind that make trucks go. Or should. Unless they look like this.


See those missing teeth? That’s what we call a bad thing. So, the agenda for this week includes swapping in a replacement axle, since those teeth aren’t the only problem.

The theme of the last couple of weeks really is front axles, the other one being on a Land Cruiser pickup. It’s now rebuilt and installed, but something appears to be wrong with the transfer case, so I’ll be dropping that out for inspection on Monday. Hopefully we won’t see results like above.

And, yes, I’m loving this sort of work. It’s like getting to do my hobbies every day! It’s hard to believe I’m already past the half way point of my visit here. If only I could stay longer; a month seems so short.