Church in Nakaale

Sunday, 15 March 2015 | 16:59

Today marked my third Sunday here, so also my third church service.

In many ways, things are the same as at home. God’s people gather to hear the Word preached, sing the songs of the kingdom, and share the Lord’s Supper. Sure, the entire service is conducted in two languages through a translator, but many back home would find the liturgy entirely customary. Pastor David is currently preaching on Jesus’ sermon on the mount.

Some things are different, though. For example, the church is open-air - we have a corrugated steel roof and concrete floor and benches (plus some chairs in the back). This means the breeze has full opportunity to blow through, which is nice since it’s been quite warm here (typically in the 100s, from what I’ve heard). The lack of walls also means there is a different sort of view. Many churches have stained glass windows representing pastoral scenes, but here we have the pastoral landscape itself. Sometimes, this even includes the animals. This week, cattle had to be blocked from walking up to the pulpit prior to the service. Goats have wandered past two of the three weeks. So, unlike at home, they aren’t confined to the church basement.

We have song books, and thankfully the language is phonetic, but today was the first week where I finally felt like I was able to pronounce some words with a touch of confidence. :) Certain words/sounds are easier than others.

In the evening, the missionaries gather for evening worship, alternating between the main house and the clinic. Pastor David is currently teaching from Romans; we started chapter seven this week.