Monday, May 18, 2015


Sometimes there are advantages to an early drive to work, and this morning was no exception.

It’s been rainy the last week or so, and this weekend the weather was such that the temperatures dropped a bit as well. Not by much, but enough that the rain here on the plain was snow in the mountain peaks. That, combined with the perfect break in the clouds at sunrise, provided a glorious pink/orange hue cast upon the mountain peaks to the north and west.

It’s one of those sights that I love about this place. Some say the Snake River Plain is desolate and boring. I find it beautiful. It’s actually the second time that’s hit me in the last week, oddly both related to rain, something we don’t actually get much of around here except at this time of year. That was last week when I stepped out of the building at work, on my way home, and was greeted by the aroma of sage immediately after a rainstorm. Perhaps beautiful isn’t the best way to describe a scent, but I think you get the idea.

A couple of wonderful scenes in the orchestra of God’s creation.